Sierra Watershed Progressive is:

We are a resource-based collaborative focused on bringing appropriate water management to the landowner  in a regenerative, holistic design setting.  A "Pencil to Project" collaborative with regional networked associates to take our clients from the initial site analysis to to community outreach, funding opportunities, project implementation as well as project maintenance and monitoring.

It is our goal to bring the benefits from appropriate onsite water management to the land user, while focusing on water conservation, stormwater management, watershed health and community water security.  Sierra Watershed Progressive strives to collaboratively build and monitor robust demonstration projects in local neighborhoods, public settings, and commercial settings that can benefit the owner, user, neighborhood and ecological functions of the local watershed.

Want to learn more about Greywater?

Advanced greywater topics webinar series- Starts Jan 20th.

Greywater Action is starting out the year with a fabulous new webinar series covering more advanced greywater topics, relevant for both the homeowner and professional. One registration will enable you to view all six webinars, either live or recorded after they air.

The webinars will be held live from 4-5pm on Wednesdays (dates below).

January 20th. Installing Simple Pumped Greywater Systems

February 3rd. Greywater Irrigation and Plant Health

February 17th. Incorporating Greywater Installations into Your Landscaping Business.

March 2nd: Commercial-Scale Greywater Systems

March 16th: Whole-House Residential Greywater Systems

March 30. Understanding the California Plumbing Code for Greywater

Cost: Fee for the series is $50 to $150 sliding-scale*.

Wondering what sliding-scale means? A sliding-scale fee means that participants choose the amount to pay along the scale (between $50 and $150). People who can afford to pay more help subsidize people who can’t afford it. This helps us keep our workshops affordable to more people. We thank you for paying as high as you are able to on the scale.

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Sierra Watershed Progressive co-sponsored this event and is a member of the California Decentralized Water Policy Council 

"Most of our larger projects include 30-50% reductions in potable water use onsite. We use every tool from the tool kit possible, depending on the site and users. Rainwater, mechanical water, plant typing, blackwater repurposing, irrigation audits, greywater and stormwater infiltration" -Regina Hirsch