Benefits of the Co-op

  • Learn about greywater, rainwater harvesting and stormwater management techniques from experienced water professionals and while taking active steps to reduce your water footprint. 
  • Co-op members are eligible for discounted rates on greywater systems, rain tanks and stormwater harvesting systems in exchange for their labor. 
  • Co-op projects are managed by experienced, professional greywater and rainwater installers. 
  • Co-op projects are a fun way to engage with your local watershed and community




Sierra Water Harvesting Cooperative

The Sierra Water Harvesting Co-op promotes water efficiency throughout the greater Yosemite region by facilitating low-cost residential installations of greywater reuse, rain tanks and stormwater harvesting systems. By utilizing a sweat equity cooperative model to keep costs minimal, Co-op members donate their labor and in return get discounted rates on professional design and installation services.

Our Co-op is based on a sweat equity model where volunteers donate time to gain Co-op hours and exposure to water conservation techniques. When a Co-op member has accumulated enough Co-op hours, they are eligible to host a project of their own. Hosting a Co-op project has multiple benefits including reduced rates on SWP design services, significant reduction in construction costs due to volunteer labor and building community resliency. 




How does the co-op work?

Co-op members exchange their labor for co-op credits. When a co-op member has sufficient credits they are eligible to host a co-op installation of a greywater or rainwater harvesting system at their property. Co-op members receive one credit for each hour worked with a standard installation taking six hours. Members may donate or exchange their hours to others in the community as they please.

As a host of a co-op project you pay for professional design, project management services and materials while the labor is provided by coop members. By utilizing co-op members as labor, costs are reduced substantially. Homeowners can host a workshop or hire us for home landscape design and project implementation regardless of whether they have accumulated Co-op credit hours. All install/labor provided by the Sierra Water Harvesting Co-op is not a product of Sierra Watershed Progressive, and therefore not under warranty.