Olivia Wright


In December 2014, Olivia graduated from McGill University in Montréal with a degree in Environmental Science. After moving back to her home in Minneapolis, she quickly realized her place wasn’t at a desk in an office, so she drove west to begin a spring of volunteering on various organic farms and homesteads. Olivia landed in Groveland, California, and learned of Sierra Watershed Progressive (SWP), a group working with simple, yet innovative ideas about water reuse and conservation. Needless to say, Olivia was hooked—within a few months she made a new home at a nearby off-grid farm and began working with SWP, learning the ropes of greywater design and installation, stormwater earthworks, and (so many!) different types of rainwater capture projects. These days, most of her work is in the field installing systems, intermingled with computer design work and occasional educational talks. In other words, she plays in the dirt for a living, and couldn’t be happier! When she’s not digging, Olivia enjoys learning and building at the farm, doing anything from milking the goats to planning and building structures. 

On Staff Since: June 2015   Email: olivia@sierrawatershedprogressive.com

In Their Own Words

water is cool.jpg

Why I Think Water Is So Cool:

Water controls pretty much every aspect of our planet. I guess you could say we are at its mercy in the most fundamental ways, and that’s something to consider every day. More importantly, without water, sailing (the greatest sport known to mankind) would not be possible.

The Secret to Life Is:

To stop searching for a secret, and enjoy what’s around you.


How I Regenerate:

Music is a huge regenerative agent in my life. I began playing music when I was enrolled in piano lessons around the age of five. A few years after that, I picked up the viola, which I would call my “primary” instrument. Throughout school and everyday life, I’ve played a number of different stringed instruments in various groups, ranging from symphonies to jug bands. Whatever the genre or venue, I can always find a way to release complex emotions through music, allowing myself to become more resilient and aware. For being able to have this outlet of expression, I feel incredibly fortunate.