Freddy Brewster

Freddy was born in Ohio, spent 6 years in Colorado and 4 years here in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. Throughout his travels, he has witnessed the necessity of water in the very arid American West and how proper management is vital to a sustainable future. With an interest in the policy side of the water world, Freddy is pursuing a degree in Environmental Policy.

On Staff Since: 2016

Why My Work at SWP Matters:

We need to rethink how water is being used; especially water from our showers, sinks and washing machines. Through simple, yet precise, designs we can redirect this water from our sewers and put it to use onsite where it is being produced. By taking small steps like these, and utilizing rain water catchment systems, we can limit our dependence on water from our rapidly decreasing streams and reservoirs.

What I Obsess On:

I am extremely passionate about Rock climbing. It is what brought me here to California and the granite alpine peaks are what has kept me here. I also enjoy gardening and a new-found love for piano (I’m just learning!!).